Wellness Step 1: Diet

It’s interesting….we all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet (disease prevention, improved energy, better sleep, enhanced sex drive, overall sense of wellness) and yet, not all of us choose to eat heathfully.  This isn’t a phenomenon that I’ve seen only in my patients, it’s also something in my personal life that I am continually striving to improve.   Even though it’s been years since I’ve eaten at any of the fast food restaurants from my childhood (cue McDonald’s theme song) and my diet is rich in colorful fruits and vegetables and low on junk foods, there have been days when I realize, ‘I haven’t eaten a vegetable yet today’ or ‘eating dark chocolate covered almonds does not a lunch make!’.

I know that what I choose to put in my mouth today predetermines my health 10 years from now.

In no way, do I want to be that woman who never indulges in life’s culinary deliciousness, but my health is important to me.  I know my family’s healthy history and I know that what I choose to put in my mouth today predetermines my health 10 years from now.  It used to be a lot easier to avoid unhealthful eating, but this was before my time and most likely, before your time as well.   There was a time when we ate food when it was available and in season, meat consumption was low and it was usually caught in the wild, we hadn’t heard of genetically modified crops, our canning process didn’t involve Bisphenol A, we didn’t use chemical in our foods to enhance flavor, make it more colorful, or insect and pest resistant, and sugar was a rare and special treat not a daily food group.

I’m so grateful that we live in a country where I have the freedom of choice and the availability goods to make the best choices for my diet.  It is a conscious choice, a decision to be made every day, every meal, every bite to choose my health.  If I’ve fallen off the wagon, the next opportunity to brush myself off and jump back on is mere moments away.


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