If only there was one diet that fit everyone’s needs, nutrition would be so simple!

The truth is, different people do well on different diets, different health conditions respond differently to different diets.

Eating healthfully is simple – all it takes is a change of habit.    When facing the decision to make a dietary change, it can seem a daunting task.    Going through the process requires a bit of willpower and, likely, a series of setbacks and small failures.  Once the change has been made and this new way of eating becomes your lifestyle, look back…. you will realize how simple it was to make this change.

Eat a whole food diet.

If I were to break it down simply…eat a whole food diet.  This means eat your foods as close to their natural form as possible.  Make it from scratch.  If you have to open a box or a bag to eat your food, think twice before it goes into your mouth.