My Approach

My mission is to help you establish the foundations for health, wellness, and happiness.

Your body already understands how to heal.  Usually, all it needs is a gentle stimulus and a bit of support for weakened organ systems.

My goal is to one day graduate you from my care.  You’ll possess the knowledge and understanding to be able to maintain your good health, knowing I’ll always be available to you if ever you need me.

I love to follow the path outlined by our naturopathic profession, called the Therapeutic Order.

With every patient, it is absolutely necessary to:

Establish the conditions for health:

Identify and remove disturbing factors

- Inappropriate diet, digestive disturbance, stress, emotional imbalance, etc.

Institute a healthier regime

-Rest, healthy diet, daily movement, stress reduction techniques, etc.

Stimulate the body’s ability to heal:

Prescribe an individualized homeopathic remedy tailored specifically to your unique presentation of symptoms

Support weakened or damage systems or organs:

Some examples include supporting the adrenals after prolonged stress, assisting the liver for increased detoxification, balancing the reproductive hormones, decreasing inflammation to the cardiovascular system, etc.


My passion lies within treating women and their children

The mother is the source of all health and happiness for her family. She is the heart and soul of her family.  When she is at her best, the whole family is at their best. Mothers are incredible healers, just a little education and support for their intuition, and it always amazes me how health trickles down to her family members.

Children heal awesomely with natural medicine!  They are so full of vital health and they respond so quickly to naturopathic therapies.  Children truly are a joy to treat.

With my training as a general family medicine doctor, I treat all medical conditions and can provide both individual and family health care covering all aspects of  health from pre-conception to geriatric care.


Cooperative Medicine

I strongly believe in integrative medicine and cooperate with all other branches of medical science. I take great care in referring my patients to other healthcare practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate.