Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Well.

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in natural medicine. You deserve a life free from illness and full of joy. It may sound ridiculously impossible, but it’s not, and I can teach you how.

Dr-Betsy-Rice-Natural-MedicineNaturopathic medicine is simply clean, healthy living.

For most of us, we are blessed with a foundation in good health.  It’s just, we’ve become a bit out of balance

Most often, all our body needs is a bit of support and a little stimulation to the vis medicatrix naturae (the body’s amazing ability to heal itself) and voilá, we feel like ourselves again!

My extensive medical training, along with my commitment to evidence-based natural therapeutics and my holistic approach to healthcare, offers the best integrative medicine.

Anyone can heal, it’s a matter of passion for health.