Wellness Step 2: A little bit of peace….

Once asked by a famous Mr. Marley, 'could you be love?'  I can now assuredly answer, yes. There was a time when I didn't think it was possible for me to love and be loved so easily, yet, my story carries no more weight than anyone's story:  grief from loved ones lost, heartache, perceived failure and missed opportunity, stress and dissatisfaction.  I've had enough heartache to earn a lifetime Continue Reading

Wellness Step 1: Diet


It's interesting....we all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet (disease prevention, improved energy, better sleep, enhanced sex drive, overall sense of wellness) and yet, not all of us choose to eat heathfully.  This isn't a phenomenon that I've seen only in my patients, it's also something in my personal life that I am continually striving to improve.   Even though it's been years since Continue Reading