I am a homeopath.

Yes, I am a naturopath…trained in the arts of tradition chinese medicine and acupuncture, botanical medicine, physical manipulation, nutrition, hydrotherapy, lifestyle counseling, homeopathy and many other natural therapeutics.  But above all else, I am a homeopath.

What is the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that encompasses loads of healing arts (see list above).  Homeopathy is a system of medicine all its own, one which falls under the canopy of naturopathy, but is often practiced as a stand alone therapy.

I love naturopathy! Using herbs to gently support the organ systems, finding the most appropriate diet for one’s health, using hands on techniques to manipulate muscles, bones or soft tissues, encouraging my patients to seek out what makes them most happy and fulfilled.  As a naturopath, there are so many wonderful tools in my toolbox to support my patients needs, but one of these tools (in my opinion) is far more powerful than all the others…homeopathy.

I am a homeopath.

Not all naturopaths can call themselves homeopaths, and not all homeopaths are trained naturopaths.  I feel lucky to have been blessed with both amazing systems of medicine.

As a homeopath, I am required to understand the intricacies of medicine.  My discernment of disease has to be absolutely precise, so I know what is happening in the body, where  it is happening, and what modifies it.  It makes a world of difference if the disease is rooted in, say, paralysis of the pharynx vs. paralysis of larynx, digestive disturbance from the stomach vs. the intestines, weakness from over exertion vs. weakness from disease pathology, etc.  To be an excellent homeopath, I must be an excellent physician.

As a homeopath, I am required to understand the intricacies of homeopathic medicines.  Homeopathic medicines are diluted substances found in nature (minerals, plants, etc.).  Our medicines’ curative actions are known from experiments on healthy people.  One homeopathic medicine can have hundreds of disease indications and there are hundreds of these homeopathic medicines with which to be familiar.

Homeopathy is a difficult art to practice (this is why we are few and far between).  But, it is safe (gentle enough for an infant) and effective (published cures of chronic disease).  And the best part…..when it works, it works so well, beyond any expectation for recovery of health.

when it works, it works so well…


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