Intermittent Fasting for Health


Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a pattern of eating.  It doesn't change what you eat, it changes when you eat it. Humans have actually been fasting throughout evolution. Sometimes it was done because food was not available (famine) but also because most major religions have long maintained that fasting is good for the soul. Fortunately (or ironically, unfortunately) most of us Continue Reading

Cold and Flu Season Quiz!


Which of the following scenarios depicts the most healthy individual?  a.  A 36 year old mother of three young children comes to the office for help with a common cold.  This is the first cold she's had since March of 2014 and she believe she caught it from her youngest daughter. b.  A 50 year old male (dragged into the office by his wife...) proudly states that it has been at least 10 or 15 Continue Reading